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Hope For Youth builds and maintains long-term Christian mentoring relationships with urban youth to challenge and enable them to reach their full potential spiritually, academically, and socially.

  • Tateanna, Youth

    From when I was a child to my early teenage years, I was inappropriately taken advantage of. As a child, that scarred me, it made me go down the wrong path. It led me to stealing and other things you couldn’t even imagine. But when I moved to Star of Hope someone introduced me to Hope For Youth and ever since then it made a brighter day in my life. I can honestly say if it was not for Hope For Youth, I would not be here to tell you this story.

  • Quinton, Youth

    Hope For Youth has literally saved my life. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to commit suicide, I didn’t want to be alive anymore. But I built friendships through Hope For Youth to the point where they started introducing me more and more to God and to church and what God really did for me. It changed my life.

A Story of Hope Treavon