We are all looking forward to our trip to Kids Across America camp next week!  We will depart Impact Houston Church of Christ on the night of July 27th at 11:30pm.  The church is located at 1704 Weber St. Houston TX 77007 and campers should begin arriving at 10:00 pm for final registration check-in, dinner, & BE THERE NO LATER than 10:45pm so that we may begin loading the bus.  


Just like every other event that we do – KAA Camp is a NO-PHONE-ZONE.  We suggest that you don’t, but if you choose to send your child with a phone, an iPod, MP3 player, iPad, tablet, 2-way/sky pager, or any other device designed for communication IT WILL BE TAKEN away from them at registration on July 27th, and they will not get it back until some point on the way back on the evening of August 2nd or the morning of August 3rd (best case scenario). Devices will be labeled and stored, and if an emergency arises feel free to reach out to us at 713.670.9000, cell reception is known to be fairly poor, so your best option is to call KAA Camp at 417.266.4000.  

Make sure to READ the packing list and what not to bring as far as clothing, jewelry, expensive shoes etc.


We will provide each camper with a $5 gift card for breakfast from McDonald’s while we are on the way to/from Missouri.  If you would like to send them with additional funds for breakfast you may do so.  You also may want to send them funds for merchandise from the camp store, or for a gatorade band when they get to camp (These are $10).  We also suggest that you provide them with snacks that they desire for the 13 hour trip.  NO POWDERED DONUTS!  We will be providing general snacks just in case. 


It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that all medications that are brought are EACH in the original bottle, with the label for that specific medication with legible instructions.   Also make sure that only ONE medication is in each bottle, otherwise our staff as well as the medical staff at camp will be unable to legally administer this medication to each camper, and campers are not allowed to take medication on their own without supervision of ourselves or camp staff.  Lastly – ONLY bring enough medication for the week in the original bottle. 


The camper packing list is below.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via phone or text to 713.670.9000. 

ALL campers are to bring ONLY 1 bag or suitcase for under the bus, and ONLY 1 small bag with snacks and other personal items for on the bus. It is typically cold on the bus so bring a hoodie or a blanket. We will ONLY be bringing 2 bags per camper total. 

Please note that any personal snacks brought will need to be consumed by the time you arrive at camp. We will not be holding any food for the return trip but will have snacks for you instead.