COVID-19 Response

Because Hope For Youth is committed to the health and well-being of all participants in our programs, we are closely monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We are committed to understanding and complying with all guidance and regulations provided and established by the CDC, WHO, and local health agencies.

Hope For Youth Local Events

During the mandated quarantine we have continued to host virtual activities (i.e.: Virtual Friday Night Live), for our students, volunteers, and staff. As we ease into a “new norm,” please stay connected to the Hope For Youth events calendar page for upcoming events.

Hope For Youth Camping and Retreats

Our plans are for a modified version of summer camp for 2020. Any plans and actual visits to our camp partners will be in accordance with the most stringent protocols for large group gatherings and travel restrictions. We will only visit our camp partners in person if we are confident that we can continue to meet our high standards for health and safety both while traveling and when we are at camp.

Health and Safety Methods

Face-to-face ministry
As areas begin reopening, Hope For Youth plans to begin face-to-face ministry, in the month of July. Out of an abundance of care for youth, their families, our volunteers and staff, we are limiting these gathering sizes to 50% of the venue’s  occupancy limit at each location in which we serve youth.

Safety Practices

We are implementing a variety of safety measures as we re-engage in face-to-face ministry:

  • We will clearly communicate to all youth and their parents that anyone not feeling well or at higher risk should continue to stay at home.
  • All participants will be encouraged to exercise good hygiene and make use of hand sanitizer/hand washing facilities available at every activity.
  • Temperature pre-screenings will be conducted prior to events. Any youth, volunteer, or staff with an elevated temperature that exceeds the normal temperature will be asked to leave or transported home.
  • All youth, volunteers, and staff will be provided with masks if they do not already have one.
  • All planned activities will follow local guidelines – including social distancing and/or wearing face masks. In addition, where these guidelines aren’t in place we will minimize any contact between participants.
  • All gatherings will be in locations with sufficient space to allow for social distancing and also have room to separate anyone who starts feeling ill during a gathering.
  • All meeting spaces will be thoroughly cleaned with special attention to high-contact surfaces before and after events.
  • Any food that is served will be prepackaged or purchased from food distributors or restaurants.